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Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences
Course Program

First year courses (64 ECTS)

- Cognitive Neuroscience 6 ECTS +2 ECTS E-Prime*

- Cognitive Psychology 6 ECTS + 2 ECTS Matlab*

- Social Cognition 6 ECTS + 2 ECTS Inquisit*

- Psychometrics and Quantitative Methods 6 ECTS +2 ECTS R*

* These four courses have associated 2 CFU (16 hours) of lab activities each that
provide basic skills in programming experimental (Matlab, E-Prime, Inquisit) and
statistical (R) software.

- Cognitive Development 8 ECTS

- Experimental Clinical Psychology 8 ECTS

- Laboratory courses 8 ECTS - Students will choose 2 laboratory activities

Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience:
Measurement methods and ambulatory assessment
Computational Modeling
Cognitive and Behavioral Measures

- Elective course 8 ECTS - Students will freely choose courses offered at
Milano-Bicocca University.

Second year courses (56 ECTS)

- Elective courses 24 ECTS - During the second year of the program students will
choose 3 courses among an offer that will include a number of specific applications
of the core components of psychological sciences.

- Cognitive Ergonomics

- Decision Making

- Applied Neuroscience

- Applied Cognitive Development

- Applied Social Cognition

- Applied Psycho Linguistics

- Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

- Consumer Psychology

- Games and Economic Behavior

- Transferable Research Skills Laboratory 4 ECTS

- Evaluation of Psychological Interventions Laboratory 4 ECTS

- Internship 8 ECTS, 200 hours: Students will choose between
an academic research internship, also abroad, or a professional research internship.
Dissertation 16 ECTS 

Description of the Course

The Department of Psychology of the University of Milano-Bicocca will offer a new Master's Degree in Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences (AEPS), starting from 2017-2018.
The 2-year Master Degree program focuses on how basic and advanced knowledge in psychological sciences can be fruitfully applied to address relevant needs and
tackle diverse issues in a range of contexts and domains. The goal of the program is to teach cutting-edge perspectives on the cognitive, social, emotional, and neural
processes underlying human thought, behavior, language, knowledge, and decisionmaking.
AEPS graduates will acquire advanced general knowledge, strong transferrable methodological research skills, and a specific focus of application of these skills, henceforth combining flexibility (e.g., the methodological research skills can be applied to a wide range of issues) and specificity (e.g., they are applied to a specific
issue during the course of the degree). This expertise will open a range of possible career paths both in the private and in the public sector, including the academic sector both nationally and internationally.

Admission Criteria and numbers

To access a post graduate course is required at least a Bachelor Degree. An English language certification is also required, issued by a body accredited by the University, corresponding to a minimum of B2 level. If you are a candidate having a foreign qualification you will need to apply for admission by completing the online form,  attaching the documents required and listed in detail in the call for application.
Non-EU citizens not living in Italy must undergo the pre-enrolment procedure to be carried out at the competent Italian Embassy or Consulate responsible for their own Country. As this procedure may take several weeks/months of processing, it is highly recommended getting in touch with the competent offices
as soon as possible.

Places availability

 60 places of which:

- 50 reserved to EU students (including Italian) and Extra-EU students with residency in Italy (art. 26 Law 189/2002);

- 10 reserved to Extra-EU students resident abroad (requiring permit to stay).

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