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Accessibility declaration

W3C standard compliance

The pages in this site comply with the AA conformity level, in accordance with priorities #1 and #2.

All the pages have been written in valid HTML 4.0.1 code. We chose to generate pages that don't pass XHML 1.0 validation for compatibility purposes (eg.: IE 5.0 and previous browsers).

The style sheets of this web site have been validated as CSS level 2 compliant .

To obtain more information about the accessibility of the pages please visit the portal of W3C .


Graphic themes

We allow you to navigate our site using two graphical themes:

  • standard version: provides very rich graphical contents with an eye to accessibility
  • high-legibility version: provides a simpler graphic which could be useful for visually impaired persons.
To accede to the second version please click the "Highly accessible area" link placed in the upper-right side of the pages.


Liquid design and resizable text

All the pages of this site have a liquid structure; this means that the portal will automatically fit in any resolution.

Texts in the page are sized by using relative dimensions, allowing users to enlarge or shrink them at will. In order to make it easier, every page features 3 icons that will make text larger, smaller and normal. These buttons are placed in the upper-right side of the page.

Highlighted links

Within the page contents, links are clearly highlighted by using different colors and a dotted underline. This is intended to enhance the identification of links, whilst keeping text clear.

Links also feature a "title" attribute which explains its meaning by showing a tooltip when pointed at. External links are highlighted with a specific blue icon ( external link ).

One last important thing

Despite all the tests and checks done it is still possible that some pages could be inaccessible in exceptional circumstances. If this is the case, we apologise and kindly ask you to report them by using the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.


English contents by Agnese Cofler, Simona Maraboli, Roberta Larotonda, Federica Oliveri, Neil Campbell (International Office).

Designed by the Editorial office.

Projected and implemented by Wise-Lab S.r.l. Immagine Link Esterno

Thanks to Ticonuno for start-up collaboration.

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